Langkawi Lagoon Resort offers non-ordinary restaurant experience. From the pool bar snacks to buffets, flavor with the whole, fresh seafood, there are fresh-baked meat, will make your palate.

ANJUNG brasserie – Lobby Level

Modern brasserie with beautiful outdoor scenery in a traditional Malay architectural style created. To provide services throughout the day, there are indoor and outdoor seating areas, but also for private ordering, delicious diet allows you to feast on.

Little Lake Beach Bar – Beach Side
Beach with your favorite beverage, beautiful sunset views, you can walk to the beach, but also at the beach bar watching TV while enjoying drinks and entertainment, have a good time.

Mentari Lounge – Lobby Level
Service Icy drinks and snacks.

RAJAWALI Seafood Restaurant
– Ocean front room

This is a unique restaurant, located by the beach, with fresh delicious seafood, a wide range, there are a variety of menus, the Japanese diet is the best place to dine.

Pool Bar – next to the pool
There lighting, a variety of food choices.

Langkawi Lagoon Resort offers a unique dining experience in our pool bar with snacks, there is a buffet in the brasserie, BBQ on the beach, Rajawali Seafood restaurant offers a private dining room, to meet the different needs of visitors.

No further than our beach BBQ restaurant better place delicious Malaysian cuisine, enjoy the rich seafood and fresh tropical fruits, along with an indoor dining services.

Brasserie serves local and international cuisine, a buffet-style menu and type. Provides outdoor dining room, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the pool and the Andaman Sea spectacular scenery. It also provides a private dining room.

Seafood restaurant offers mouth-watering cuisine in Kuala Melaka river. Or watch the local fishermen come back at dusk, is a unique dining experience. You can taste the delicious Malaysian cuisine, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, etc., guests can eat in our restaurant or to the five terrace dining. Sunken Pool Bar serves light snacks and a variety of beverages faint.