Langkawi Lagoon Resort as a five-star hotel with its own unique surroundings, the resort offers accommodation and eating outside in addition to other facilities to make your stay a memorable experience.


Welcome to Langkawi Lagoon Resort, showing in Langkawi on a new five-star gem. Covering location, away from the Langkawi International Airport and the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre is only three kilometers away, it takes about 5 minutes away by car. West coast of Langkawi island in Malaysia, the largest island of 99 islands. The island has age-old rainforest and delicate white beaches. Whether a romantic trip or adventure tourism, resort can provide you with unforgettable experience.

Hotel is divided into two parts, one side is to have 76 traditional Malay architecture maritime villa, the other side is to have 84 luxury suites, modern building. Tall houses with Malay Architecture in the Andaman Sea resort sea villa is the most important feature. The construction of the barrier in the waves off the coast of the hotel project, providing you with a steady calm sea palace.

The resort has many activities you can do every day. You can visit the Melaka River Park jogging and walking, as well as visiting the fish market or watch the morning fisherman on the pier toil work. Sporting resort you can also find a fully equipped gym to have fun, then you can also use semi-open sauna room. And for those who like water sports guests, the resort also offers Islands sailing, kayaking and island tour arrangement services.